Investigació Aplicada en Malalties Respiratòries


  • Monday, 03/25/2019

    Prof. Antoni Torres Martí group leader of IAMR research group among the first 20 Spanish scientist according to their Google Scholar Citations public profiles

    He achieved the position 18 of the first 5000 highly cited scientist in the twelfth edition of the Ranking of Spanish researchers and researchers working in Spanish Institutions (Spain)
    Prof. Antoni Torres Martí

    After a whole career dedicated to clinical and translational research Prof.  Antoni Torres is arguably one of the most important and most prolific investigators in the field of adult respiratory infections and critically ill patients. He has contributed seminal publications of high impact in the fields of community acquired and nosocomial pneumonia, producing both clinical and basic research.


  • Monday, 03/11/2019

    Cristina Dominedò is successfully concluding her research stay in the IAMR group

    During her fellowship she focused on studies concerning nosocomial pneumonia and community-acquired pneumonia
    Cristina Domenidò

     Cristina Dominedò joined the IAMR group guided by Prof. Antoni Torres in April 2018. She investigated the risk factors for multi drug resistant pathogens identified in the 2017 International ERS/ESICM/ESCMID/ALAT guidelines for the management of hospital-acquired pneumonia and ventilator-associated pneumonia. The results of her fellowship project will be presented at the 39th International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine in Bruxelles. During her one year fellowship she also assessed the role of surveillance cultures and follow up microbiology in the management of nosocomial pneumonia. 

     Her activity in the line of community-acquired pneumonia was focused on very old patients with sepsis and CAP, viral sepsis in adults with CAP, CAP caused by PES pathogens and the role of new antibiotics in the treatment of CAP. 


  • Sunday, 11/18/2018

    Roberto Cabrera and Anna Motos presented the results of two studies at the latest Jornadas de formación Ciberes

    The meeting was hold last 15-16 of november 2018 in Madrid and involved more than 100 national researchers, 20 oral presentations and 40 posters on respiratory diseases and lung cancer

     Roberto Cabrera, postodoctoral Ciberes researcher presented an oral presentation entitled: “Molecular characterization of antibiotic resistance mechanisms in methicilin- resistant Staphylococcus aureus from ICU endotracheal tubes”. 

    Anna Motos, Ciberes researcher and coordinator of animal Studies, presented a poste ron the study entitled “Is One Sample Enough? β-lactam Target Attainment and Penetration into Epithelial Lining Fluid based on Multiple Bronchoalveolar Lavage Sampling Time Points in a Swine Pneumonia Model”.


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