Investigació Aplicada en Malalties Respiratòries


  • Monday, 07/01/2024

    Leticia Bueno Receives Nursing Award and Research Grant by the SEPAR (Spanish Society of Pulmonolgy and Thoracic Surgery)

    Leticia Bueno has been awarded the 2nd Prize for Best Nursing Communications for the abstract titled "Association Between Malnutrition and Quality of Life in Patients with Bronchiectasis." In addition, she has received the Respira Grant for the Presentation of Communications at the National SEPAR Congress. This recognition highlights Leticia Bueno's significant contributions to nursing research and the impact of nutritional status on patients with bronchiectasis.


  • Friday, 06/07/2024

    ECCMID CONGRESS 2024, 27-30 April, Barcelona

    Our research group has a  


  • Friday, 02/02/2024

    Ana Motos Awarded the Prestigious RESPIRE - MSCA Fellowship

    Dr. Ana Motos, a promising researcher trained in our group in the field of respiratory infections, has been awarded the prestigious RESPIRE - Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) fellowship. This esteemed grant, funded by the European Respiratory Society and the European Commission, is designed to support groundbreaking research and innovation. Known for its highly competitive selection process, the RESPIRE - MSCA grant provides not only financial support but also access to a vast network of research and training opportunities across Europe.

    With the MSCA grant, Dr. Motos will embark on a two-year research journey at the University of Nantes under the supervision of Prof. Antoine Roquilly. Dr. Motos' project, titled "Definition of Sub-phenotypes of Pneumonia Based on the Respiratory Microbiome Composition to Predict Microbial and Clinical Treatment Failures," aims to define sub-phenotypes of respiratory microbiomes associated with the emergence of resistance during treatment and treatment failure. The project's implications extend beyond the scientific community, as findings may contribute to the development of targeted therapeutic approaches for pneumonia, improving patient outcomes, and addressing antibiotic resistance challenges.


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